Efficiency and knowledge for strategic decisions 


Optimum Supply is an intelligent system for strategic sourcing. It supports the best practices for decision making based Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA).

This is a scientific Methodology is, widely applied in projects worldwide to solve complex problems or that have conflicting alternatives.

It is crucial to use a powerful decision support system in strategic decisions due to the huge consequences they have and thus the importance of identifying and choosing high value options. Selecting suppliers based only in on price, a practice still widely used in procurement, often leads to low value decisions. As established by the option that brings most value to your organization is the one that best achieves the firm’sits fundamental objectives in the choice, given the strategic priorities among these objectives and the performance of the supplier’s proposals.

The analysis results and their sensitivity to input parameters ensure the robustness of decision making, bringing coherence and learning to the process while enabling the involvement of key stakeholders. In a grounded, transparent and flexible way Optimum Supply enhances decision making, supporting renegotiation and communication with suppliers.


Optimum Supply supports the entire decision-making process, providing a comprehensive view of sourcing strategy aligned with your organization's overall strategy. It enables you to create templates by purchase category and types of items, providing agility in recurring acquisitions. It supports collaborative decision-making, where teams can contribut with technical views and different perspectives in the sourcing process, either online or in person.

The method supports negotiation and relationship development with suppliers, promoting conditions for transparent and effective communication. Both winners and unselected suppliers can receive objective and grounded feedback. The system support renegotiations with selected suppliers step, requesting new information or using arguments from the results and sensitivity analyses. Optimum Supply also facilitates the development of new suppliers is also facilitated, clearly mapping in advance the needs of a given purchase and what should be sought in prospecting.

The entire selection process is traceable on the plataform, providing transparency to all transactions carried out for audit purposes. All defined parameters, process modifications, explanations, approvals, communication with suppliers and data sent and received are safely stored and are available in a managerial report. A dossier can be generated for each selection process. The method meets all compliance requirements with transparency and maximizing decision making intelligence.


Method, Solution and Process combine the excellence of a globally recognized and scientific methodology for strategic decision making with the best practices in strategic sourcing, creating a disruptive dynamic for sourcing, developing and contracting suppliers.


Optimum Supply employs Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis scientific method that supports effectively smart decisions, using customized criteria and maximizing the value each purchase.


Our SaaS platform digitalizes and executes collaboratively supplier selections, ensuring compliance with objectivity and transparency.


Support for executing bids, decision making, negotiations and suppliers development, aligned with sourcing strategy and Organization's strategic objectives.




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